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CRM TargetingClose

CRM Targeting uses customer data from advertisers that is originally derived from shops, CRM systems and customer loyalty programs to establish one-to-one marketing via display, social and mobile advertising. This way, first-time buyers can be transformed into repurchasers, high CLV customers can be addressed with individual messages, and campaigns targeting the prevention of migration or reactivation of inactive customers can be successfully realized.


Consumer Lifecycle ManagementClose

Consumer Lifecycle Management is the holistic approach of individually accompanying the consumer through all phases of the consumer lifecycle at all relevant touchpoints. By means of an automated operation of multi-channel campaigns, you will increase the customer lifetime value as well as optimize the marketing spend. With individual incentives, benefits or personal content you can maximize the content’s relevance and consequently the response.

& Insights

Data Intelligence & Insights ManagementClose

Companies generate a large number and variety of data. Cross-company use of this data offers a huge potential to generate relevant insights for various business units. Make sure to consider these areas of activity:

Data Science: Discover new potentials by using data mining and predictive modelling.

Business Intelligence: Realize changes for relevant key performance indicators automatically in real-time.

Insights Management: Translate insights into action. Plan and decide based on data.


Lead GenerationClose

Activation and acquisition of customer relationships spanning from initially interested to new customers exploiting online/digital media channels alongside the customer journey to realize maximum leads and sales. Superior objective is the use of intelligent reach to optimally relate paid media to earned and owned media strategies.

Cross Channel

Cross Channel CampaignsClose

A cross-channel campaign includes messages across all channels, build additively on each other and being harmonized for maximum consumer experience. It involves, in particular, addressing the right person at the right time with the message that has the highest relevance for the consumer in his/ her particular situation and context. Through the interaction and the automation of the communication at various touchpoints, a dialogue is established along the whole customer lifecycle that enables higher potentials for engagement, as well as brand and sales activation the advertiser can use.


Real-Time PersonalizationClose

Real-time personalization aims at realizing consumer centricity in daily business and addressing target groups personally. It is not only about maximizing conversion rate on short notice, but creating an optimal customer experience that pays off in the customer lifetime value. The interdisciplinary cooperation of departments, the elimination of data silos and efficient technologies for mass data processing have established new dynamics in the field of personalization, and created new possibilities also enclosing real-time customer situations.

Big Data

Big Data PlatformsClose

In the course of digitalization and personalization, the big data hub is a central entity and highly scalable, cost efficient technological and functional possibility of collecting, assessing, analyzing and finally using consumer data across the whole customer journey. It is the technological view on consumer (CRM), product and marketing events (dialogue and online) by merging data silos existing so far with multi viral interfaces to and from all touchpoints.


Optimierung des Kundenwertes durch konsequentes Consumer Lifecycle Management
Performancesteigerung in der Kundengewinnung durch optimierte Leadgenerierung
Relaunch: DEFACTO X präsentiert sich auf der dmexco neu
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defacto realations:

  • Servicekraft / Feel Good Manager (m/f)
  • Senior IT Projektmanager CRM (m/f)
  • Software Developer CRM (m/f)
  • Duales Studium Bachelor of Arts (m/f) Betriebswirtschaftslehre
  • Sales Manager (m/f)
  • (Senior) Account Manager Personalisierung (m/f)

defacto software:

  • Database Developer (m/f)
  • E-Mail Campaign Manager (m/f)
  • Software Developer (m/f)
  • Web Service Developer (m/f)
  • Web Developer (m/f)

defacto digital research:

  • International Research Consultant (m/f)
  • Praktikant (m/f)

defacto nextperience:

  • Customer Interaction Specialist for German and English (m/f)

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